Best Eclairs in Berlin?

I, myself, am a more of a savory gal, BUT as a hobby baker, I can’t ignore dessert places and gotta catch ’em all like Pokémons. So the minute I’ve heard it’s my last chance to have Canal Berlin eclairs, I went there especially, after seeing their beautiful eclairs on Instagram day after day, telling myself: “I’ll go there next week”.

Sadly, it was the last day of eclair selling at the store because ice-cream season was back (what-what) so they needed any storage place they can possibly have for more ice cream flavors (which is also amazing). Happily, the eclair season at Canal Berlin is back! Starting of October 12th (2019) and until the end of March, Canal’s wonderful eclairs would be with us.

pistachio and matcha white chocolate and black sesame ecalir shireats berlin canal
I took one flavored black sesame, matcha, and white chocolate, and the second one was pistachio-raspberry.
My thoughts in a real-time discovery, right in this video:

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