Loti Pantón Macarons, Berlin

In the lovely neighborhood of Schöneberg,  every Saturday, you will find the wonderful Winterfeldmarkt. Walk through the different stalls that show beautiful seasonal produce from the close area, lovely flowers, cheese, fish and bread and the freshest fruit and vegetables, alongside some of Berlin’s finest boutique brands and makers of speciality coffee, tea and pastry. Well, macarons, to be precise. I was invited by Loti Pantón Macarons to try his beautiful macarons.

They firstly make your heart sing just by the look of them; vibrant, happy colors, great finishing, and another deeper look takes you to a journey of flavor combinations you just can’t decide upon what to choose.

I’ve started with a wonderful black sesame, Matcha, white chocolate macaron (Tenchi), that had a beautiful texture. Both the matcha and the black sesame have a strong flavor that might come up quite savory, and the white chocolate, when used wrong, could come up very sweet, but together you just got a hint of every element that led to a perfect harmony of flavors and textures. Crispy yet soft, bitter-salty yet sweet. For me, it’s definitely the first choice.

After that, came the bacon maple macaron with bacon bits in the cream (Fort Wort). At first bite, you get a hit of saltiness that bamboozles all of your senses, after one second it balances out by the maple’s sweetness, and the finish was a little too sweet for me, and still I think it’s a really great macaron, though this one’s texture was a bit stickier than the other one, probably because of the maple.

At the end, I finished with the green macaron with the pink feeling, very vibrant and a bit alien like look, but the flavor, wildberry an tarragon, was so interesting! Fruity, herbely, fresh, sweet and a bit acidic. Each macaron costs  2.5€, a pack of three will cost 7€ and six would be 12€. I myself didn’t pay because I’m acquainted with the maker and owner.

Now especially for Halloween they make a macaron with pumpkin, tonka and cinnamon in deep purple and orange that I just MUST try so I’ll keep this post updated!

I highly recommend to try It, if only for these interesting and unique flavor combinations. The collection is updated seasonally but the rainbow keeps shining.
Loti recently opened an actual store in Ladenstraße 35, and they also do free deliveries on Fridays!

A summer collection video review with amazing flavors like olive oil and chili, passion fruit with smoked whiskey, and cardamom coffee!

If you try them based on my recommendation, please tag me on Instagram!

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