Ice Cream in the Park | Sunny Winter Day in Berlin

The winter this year is not really cold, and the sunny days are more common. Today was a sunny winter day like that, and since my mood was pretty shitty, I went to have winter-time ice cream. I wanted to go to a place that’s close to some sort of a park, so I went to Jones ice cream in Schöneberg. The place is located at Goltzstraße 3, very close to Eisanacherstr. station of the U7 U-bahn line.

The store itself is minimalistic designed, and it is surprisingly spacious. You have long high tables with bar stools around them, and in case you really liked some of the flavors and you want to take them, they also sell packed pints to go (9€ each). As seen in the photo above, they don’t only sell ice cream, but also some baking goods that look really good.


I asked to try the chestnut rum flavor, but I felt it was too strong for me. Then, I looked at the earl grey shortbread flavor, and the vendor gave me another try. Eventually, I chose a flavor I’ve already tried before, on their free cone day, before the winter closing – Whiskey-Pecan. I took some photos and took my ice cream to feel some sunshine in the park.

On that free cone day, I also tried the perfect combination of black sesame and Matcha flavors that were so amazing! The Matcha is bitter, yet creamy, and the black sesame is salty and rich, and they complement each other beautifully. The place wasn’t that packed that time, but definitely fuller than it was today. The line was surprisingly short.

back to the park, the ice cream was amazing. You have a strong alcoholic feel with a subtle yet pronounce whiskey taste. The pecans add a crunch and some very mild saltiness. The cone is handmade, it’s crispy and beautiful. It was 2.7€ for one scoop and a handmade cone (2€ for each flavor, only took one this time, and 0.70€ for the handmade cone)

I went to enjoy my ice cream at Kleistpark. Not much of a park but it was wonderful, with just the right light. After finishing my ice cream, I sat for a while in the sun, soaking its slight warmth. When I started to feel cold, I took myself to a short stroll in this park. Then I discovered this beautiful garden with an interesting column structure. it’s called in German Königskolonnaden.

This monument is from the transition period from the Rococo Classicism (18th century). They were originally located near Alexanderplatz back in the days and had a bridge between the two sections. When building the railways, the bridge was demolished, and after a few years the monument, consisting of 52 stone columns, was moved to its current location in Kleistpark (entrance through Potsdamerstraße). The sun was precise and lit this amazing structure with just the right colors. I had a very good afternoon. Berlin, you’re a wonder.

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