Vegan Ice Cream – Duo Berlin

I love ice cream, especially when it’s a bit rainy, not in mid-summer when it melts all over you fingers and hand and everything gets sticky and the bees come… When I lived in Tel Aviv, I arranged an Ice-Cream Crawl with friends, you can read all about it here. I actually should do it again, now that i’m in Berlin. Who’s joining me? 🙂

I got so many recommendation of Duo – Sicilian ice cream placed in the center of Kretzberg, only a few minutes walk from Schlesisches Tor station, but I only managed to visit there during the vegan week video I made for my YouTube channel (video down this post), so my choices were a bit limited. I wanted pistachio flavor ice cream but the granita version (the vegan variation on pistachio flavor) wasn’t to my liking – watery and too sweet, so I took the vegan coconut ice cream which was magnificent. Turned out it wasn’t such a limited choice after all. Creamy, rich, deep coconut flavor.

The ice cream was based on coconut cream and have bits of soft chunks of coconut that emphasize the flavor of the coconut in the cream and give it an interesting texture. Rich and amazing flavor, so rich I had to make sure it was actually vegan and asked around three times!
I loved it🥥

My vegan week in its entirety:


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